Global Journal of Oral Science – Volume 5

Editors-in-Chief: Claudio Stacchi
Abbreviated key title: Glob. J. Oral Sci.
ISSN: 2414-2050
Volume Year: 2019



Assessment of C-Reactive Protein Levels in Periodontal Patients Using a Standard Laboratory Procedure (Pages 1-7)
Vittorio Checchi, Giuseppe Daprile, Karin Genovesi and Luigi Checchi

Use of Allogeneic Platelet Concentrates for the Surgical Treatment of Bisphosphonate -Related Osteo-Necrosis of Jaws (BRONJ): A Case (Pages 8-13)
S. Ragazzini, R. Parrulli, R. Ippolito, L. Montebugnoli and C. Marchetti

Effects of Topical Use of Metronidazole in Causal Therapy in Patients Suffering from Chronic Periodontitis: A Case-Control Clinical Trial (Pages 14-22)
G. Montaruli, S. Leone, M. Laurenziello, D. Ciavarella, L. Guida and L. Lo Russo