Global Journal of Oral Science – Volume 4

Lorenzo Lo Muzio
Jiiang-Huei Jeng
Abbreviated key title: Glob. J. Oral Sci.
ISSN: 2414-2050

How Does Immediately Loaded Implant-Supported Fixed Rehabilitation Influence the Oral Health-Related Quality of Life?     (Pages 1-7)
Federico Berton, Claudio Stacchi, Teresa Lombardi, Antonio Rapani, Roberto Rizzo and Roberto Di Lenarda

Invisalign Treatment: Analysis of Perimeter and Depth Modifications on Teeth Arches   (Pages 8-13)
Lucchese Alessandra,Luis HuancaGhislanzoni, Marcolina Marta, VariscoMargherita, Croce Silvia and Manuelli Maurizio

New Trends of Colour and Background Effect in Restorative Dentistry   (Pages 14-17)
Riccardo Monterubbianesi, Giovanna Orsini and Angelo Putignano

The Use of Limited CBCT in the Early Diagnosis of Root Vertical Fracture: A Case Report   (Pages 18-24)
Emanuele Ambu, Claudio Citterio, Alberto Pellegatta, Maria Sofia Rini, Daniele Boari, Federico Campedelli and Marcello Maddalone

Oral Cancer and Treatment Information Involved in Therapeutic Decision-Making (Pages 25-31)
Maria Sofia Rini, Stefania Zerbo S. and Antonina Argo

Two-Center Observational Case Series Describing Decay Adjacent to Fixed Implant Restorations (DATFIR) and Evaluation of Case Parameters (Pages 32-41)
David French, Marie-Catherine French, Bernie Linke and Joseph Lizotte

Landmarks Identification Using Three Dimensional Volume Rendering and Multi-Planar Reconstruction: Is it Comparable? (Pages 42-48)
Shereef Shahen, Marina Porcelli, Samir AbuObaida, Rossella Carrino, Maddalena Vitale and Vincenzo Grassia

Assessment of Transpalatal Arch Activations: A Comprehensive Review of In Vitro Studies (Pages 49-53)
Rosangela Cannavale, Maddalena Vitale, Fabrizia d’Apuzzo, Abdolreza Jamilian, Maria Lepore and Vincenzo Grassia

Extended Pre-Implant Horizontal Ridge Augmentation by Resorbable Membrane and Deproteinized Bovine Bone Mineral Graft: A 5-Year Follow-Up Case Report (Pages 54-61)
Annunziata Marco, Nastri Livia, Rullo Rosario, Piccirillo Angelantonio and Guida Luigi


Analysis of Marginal Misfit and Strain Gauge in Implant-Supported Frameworks Using Straight Line and Offset Placement (Pages 62-69)
Annunziata Marco, Nastri Livia, Rullo C.W. Abreu, R.S. Nishioka, I. Balducci, M.F. Mesquita and R.L.X. Consani

In vivo Experimental Models to Investigate EMF Effects on Bone (Pages 70-81)
C. Galli, M. Colangelo, G. Pedrazzi, and S. Guizzardi

The Anti-Gingivitis Effect of Two Commercial Toothpastes: A 21 Day, Partial-Mouth, Double Blind, Randomized Study (Pages 82-88)
Giovanna Garuti, Eleonora Forabosco, Serena Benini, Alessandra Odorici and Andrea Forabosco