Effect of Smoking on Dental Implants: A Literature Review

(Pages: 12-15)

Camila Barreto Barbieri, Nilton Rodrigues Peres Domingues, Fernanda Pasquinelli, Heloisa Fonseca Mar√£o and Caio Vinicius G. Roman Torres

Department of Dentistry, University Santo Amaro, SP, Brazil

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30576/2414-2050.2020.06.3



Abstract: Background: The smoker can present several changes in the peri-implant tissues, such as reduced blood flow, altered inflammatory and immunological responses and impaired tissue healing.
Aim: The present study intends to raise the effects that the smoking habit can have on the peri-implant tissues, and to alert the implantodontists to the precautions that must be observed regarding the explanations about the risks to the smoking patients.
Methods: The methodology of this study used the active search for information in MEDLINE, LILACS, SciELO and Cochrane virtual libraries databases. The bibliographic research was searched on the two main themes of this work: dental implants and smoking, the terms searched were: dental implants, osseointegration, smoking, bone loss around osseointegrated implants, failure in implants; between 1986 and 2019.
Results: In smokers, a significant correlation with marginal bone loss around implants has been reported. Smoking as a risk factor for the development of inflammatory complications is controversial, however, most studies report implant failure rates in smokers as being twice as high as in non-smokers.
Conclusion: Smoking habit is not an absolute contraindication for the installation of implants, as the presence of an isolated risk factor is usually insufficient to cause unfavorable results, such as peri- implantitis, which is a multifactorial problem.

Keywords: : Dental implants, Smoking, Failure.