Endomethasone as Root Sealer: The Current State of Art: A Systematic Review Supported with Case Reports

(Pages: 6-11)

Comola Giorgio1, Marco E. Pasqualini2, Pasqualini Giulia3, Manenti Pierangelo4,
Dal Carlo Luca5, Rossi Franco6 and Domenico Colombo6

1Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (Madrid), Spain; 2Pivate Practice, Milan, Italy; 3Private Practice, Borgo Valsugana (TN), Italy; 4Private Practice, Bergamo, Italy; 5Private Practice, Venezia, Italy; 6Private Practice, Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30576/2414-2050.2020.06.2



Abstract: Objectives: Compare the root cements most used in endodontic therapy with emphasis on Endomethasone.
Materials and Methods: A review of the literature was carried on using the leading scientific databases in the time frame of the last 11 years, resulting in a total of 80 items of possible interest. Of these 15 items were kept with the purpose of analyze the following characteristics of endodontic cements: biocompatibility, adhesion, bacteriostatic / bactericidal activity, cytotoxicity, color variation, obturation and complications.
Results and Conclusions: From the research carried out was ensured that Endomethasone in root canal therapy may be a viable alternative to traditional filling with gutta-percha and root sealers.

Keywords: : Endomethasone, Endodontic Treatment, Root Sealers.