The Use of Limited CBCT in the Early Diagnosis of Root Vertical Fracture: A Case Report

(Pages: 18-24)

Emanuele Ambu1, Claudio Citterio2, Alberto Pellegatta2, Maria Sofia Rini3, Daniele Boari4, Federico Campedelli5 and Marcello Maddalone2

1Tuscan School of Dental Medicine, University of Siena, Italy; 2Department of Medicine and Surgery University of Milano, Bicocca, Italy; 3University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy and Marconi University of Rome, Italy; 4Private Practitioner in Casirated’Adda, Bergamo, Italy and 5Private Practitioner in Carpi, Modena, Italy


The diagnosis of vertical root fractures is often very difficult; according to many Authors, a proper diagnosis is only possible after flap elevation and after detecting the fracture rim. In the case here described, the fracture rim was not detected in the first endodontic surgery nor after the second one, although they were both performed under the operative microscope and using methyl blue staining. The root crack has been detected only after the extraction of the tooth performing a microCT exam and then drying the sample. The limited CBCT performed after the failure of the endodontic surgery had shown the buccal bone loss, which is one of the signs of VRF. In this case, this sign was the only one, which could suggest us the proper diagnosis.

Keywords: Root fractures, Diagnosis, Fracture rim, CBCT.