In vivo Experimental Models to Investigate EMF Effects on Bone

(Pages: 70-81)

C. Galli1, M. Colangelo2, G. Pedrazzi3, and S. Guizzardi2

1Department Of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, 2Department Of Medicine and Surgery, Histology and Embryology Lab, University of Parma, 3Department Of Medicine and Surgery, Neuroscience Unit, University of Parma, Via Volturno 39, 43126 Parma, Italy




Abstract: Objective: Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have long been investigated as both a source of health concern and a possible therapeutic tool for several disease conditions, including bone loss and bone regenerative needs. A broad literature is available on the effects of EMFs on bone, both with clinical and pre-clinical models, but the great heterogeneity of settings, delivery modalities and results are a potent reminder of the lack of consensus that is still surrounding this technology and marring its clinical applications. The present review therefore assessed the available animal studies that investigated the effects of sinusoidal and pulsed EMFs to treat bone conditions or to improve bone healing under different experimental conditions, to identify possible areas where future research should focus to fill the knowledge gaps that still impair the clinical use of EMFs.

Keywords: Electromagnetic fields, Animal models, Bone, SEMF, PEMF.