How Does Immediately Loaded Implant-Supported Fixed Rehabilitation Influence the Oral Health-Related Quality of Life?

(Pages: 1-7)

Federico Berton1, Claudio Stacchi1, Teresa Lombardi2, Antonio Rapani1, Roberto Rizzo1 and Roberto Di Lenarda1

1Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy and 2Cassano allo Ionio, Italy


Abstract: Aim: To test the null hypothesis that implant-supported fixed immediately loaded rehabilitation of partial or total edentulism has no impact on oral health-related quality of life against the alternative hypothesis of an impact.

Materials and Method: Partially and totally edentulous patients were recruited following exclusion and inclusion criteria. After an accurate pre-surgical planning, dental implants were inserted and immediately loaded with partial or full-arch rehabilitations. Patients were asked to fill out a questionnaire (OHIP-14) before surgery, 3 months and 3 years after prosthetic loading. The significance of the difference in OHIP score at different time points was evaluated.

Results: Twenty-one patients were treated with immediately loaded partial or total implant-supported fixed prostheses: eighteen patients completed the three-year follow up period, during which three patients dropped out. Five implants out of 82 (3-year survival rate 93,9%) were lost in four patients with one prosthetic failure (3-year survival rate 94.5%). Mean value of OHIP-14 score was significantly higher at baseline than at the end of the follow-up period. Furthermore, baseline scores were different when comparing full-arch and partial rehabilitations, even if not significantly.

Conclusion: The results of this prospective cohort study suggested that oral health-related quality of life was significantly improved by immediately loaded implant-supported fixed prosthesis. A gradual improvement in OHIP-14 scores was observed both for partial and full-arch rehabilitations, from the three-month follow up to the final evaluation after three years. However, intergroup differences were significant only when comparing baseline with the final observations.

Keywords: Oral health–related quality of life, patient satisfaction, dental implant, immediate loading.