Immediate Loading of Post-Extraction Implant in the Aesthetic Area: A Case Report

(Pages: 46-53)

G. Montaruli1, M. Iorio2, M. Laurenziello1, L. Lo Russo1, L. Laino3, D. Ciavarella1 and L. Lo Muzio1

1Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, School of Dentistry, University of Foggia, Foggia, Italy; 2Private Practice, Castelletto Sopra Ticino, Novara, Italy and 3Multidisciplinary Department of Surgical and Dental Specialties, Dental School, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Napoli, Italy


Purpose: To illustrate the an immediate implant placement in an extraction socket with a pre-existing active inflammation due to tooth fracture, using evidence based surgical procedures.

Materials and Methods: After radiographic evaluation, a tapered 13 mm long implant (4.1 in diameter) was inserted after the extraction of a fractured tooth upper right lateral incisor in a 74 years old woman. The insertion of the implant followed a different axis than the tooth and a palatal position with a high primary stability. After the complete removal of the inflammatory lesion and insertion of the implant, a regeneration with biomaterial and a collagen membrane was performed. The fixture was loaded in 48 hours with a curved emergency profile abutment and a lithium disilicate crown.

Results: No complications were observed during healing; the patient experienced no pain and no impact on his own social relationships due to the reduced treatment duration.
Six months after loading the conditions of hard and soft tissue showed a high degree of stability. The crown was very well integrated with nice contour of peri-implant soft tissues.

Conclusion: Hence on the basis of stimulated and an accelerated bone growth in conjunction with soft tissue regeneration and a significant reduction in peri-implant pain and inflammation this case report demonstrates that careful surgical-prosthetic planning allows a definitive rehabilitation of an aesthetic area in an assured, rapid and predictable way.

Keywords: Tooth extraction, Bone regeneration, Lithium disilicate.