Pancreatoblastoma and Paediatric Dental Management – A Case Report Approach

(Pages: 12-17)

Saleha Shah

Aga Khan University Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan




Abstract: Pancreatoblastoma originates from the epithelial exocrine cells of the pancreas. An 8 year old boy attends AKUH dental clinic with a toothache, pancreatoblastoma with an immunocompromised health status, early mixed dentition showed maxillary, UR1, UR2, UL1, UL2, LL1, LL2, LR1, LR2, first permanent molars UR6, UL6, LL6, LR6 with taurodontism, compromised oral hygiene, chemotherapy induced gingivitis in the mandibular Central and lateral incisors, mucositis, grossly carious URE, ULE, LLE and LRE, retained root of LLD, mobile LRC and missing URC, ULC, URD.

The treatment plan included preventive advice, non- pharmacological behavior management, dental prophylaxis, fissure sealants for first permanent molars, GIC temporization of LLE, extractions of URE, ULE and LLD under local anesthesia and Duraphat fluoride varnish application. A follow up was advised after the second cycle of chemotherapy.

This case report focuses on the oral health effects of pancreatoblastoma and its dental management in a child patient.

Keywords: Pancreatoblastoma, Dentition, Mixed chemotherapy, Adjuvant, Toothache, Immunocompromised host.